sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Chanel Spring - summer 2010 in the Week of the Mode of Paris

I had been charmed with being in this parade, though more than a parade it was a spectacle, and I don’t say it for the works of a designed by Karl Lagerfeld (that also). But especially I say it for the wonderful Lily Allen, which put the BSO to Chanel’s parade and especially for the style with the one that went out to sing, dressed in Audrey Hepburn rocker. The truth I never thought that the rural topics was so chic.
The airs of table have flooded a parade that for many clogs and pleasant’s handkerchiefs, has revealed urban style hundred for hundred made in Paris.
In fashionable terms, the offer that more I have liked, they have been the dresses of crochet the clogs, and the nails of colour taupe.

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